Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Learn about former US President Andrew Jackson, along with his family and the enslaved people who worked and lived on his estate, by embarking on a tour of the Hermitage.

Regardless of whether you opt for a guided tour or not, make sure to view the 22-minute documentary that portrays both the positive and negative aspects of Jackson’s life. Don’t forget to grab a complimentary headset that provides you with more details as you stroll through the grounds.

The acclaimed exhibit “Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm” is a must-see. It centers on Jackson’s difficult childhood as an orphan, his versatility as a military general, and his remarkable leadership as the 7th President of the United States. This award-winning exhibit is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of America’s most influential leaders.

Following his presidency, Jackson constructed The Hermitage, where he resided until his passing and was subsequently laid to rest. Upon visiting the estate, guests can admire the authentic furniture and peruse the library of newspapers that Jackson accumulated as a valuable reference source.

During the guided tour, you will be led through Jackson’s private quarters, the living area, and the stunningly adorned dining room.

Outside, you can visit the cemetery where Jackson and his family members were laid to rest. Additionally, visitors can pay their respects to Alfred, an enslaved man who asked to be buried next to his master at his gravesite.

Not too far away, guests can also visit Alfred’s cabin. This small dwelling is believed to have housed up to ten enslaved individuals at a time.

Experience the opulent Greek Revival-style mansion that was once the home of Andrew Jackson and his family. Take a leisurely horse-drawn wagon ride through the property, wander through the stunning gardens that were designed to meet the standards of a First Lady, and catch a glimpse of the presidential carriage that Jackson used.

Stop by the Museum Store to find the perfect gift or keepsake to commemorate your visit. For a taste of local flavor, be sure to visit the Natchez Hills Winery on-site tasting room and sample some delicious craft beer. And don’t forget to indulge in some classic Southern-style cooking at FKS Kitchen.

This expansive 1,120-acre property, designated as a National Historic Landmark, is a treasure trove of presidential history located right in Nashville, Tennessee.

Scattered throughout the cotton fields beyond the First Hermitage, you can find the remaining structures of the farm buildings used on Jackson’s plantation. These buildings include the cotton gin house and press, which serve as a poignant reminder of the labor-intensive cotton industry that was central to the agricultural economy during Jackson’s era.

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