Berclair: Enjoy the Charm and Hospitality of a Small Town in the City

Berclair is a neighborhood in Memphis, TN, known for its bustling main street – the Waring Road. This road was named for George E. Waring Jr., the sanitary engineer who developed the drainage system that put an end to yellow fever epidemics in 19th-century Memphis. 

After World War II, Berclair saw a rapid increase in population. Many small houses were built for returning soldiers and their families, and the area became incorporated into the municipality around the late 1950s or early 1960s. One notable landmark in Berclair’s history is the first Holiday Inn, which opened in 1952 and was a popular destination until it closed down many years later. Today, a historical marker has been placed at its site as a reminder of this period of time. 

Beyond this historic hotel, Berclair has become known mainly for its churches. The neighborhood boasts several places of worship and spiritual centers whose importance to local residents cannot be overstated. Churches are not only places of faith but also hubs of community engagement and social activities, where things that all neighborhoods need to be successful. 

One particular example is St John’s United Methodist Church on Summer Avenue – an impressive building with beautiful stained glass windows that allows locals to come together for worship, fellowship, and soup kitchens throughout the year. It continues to be an important staple in Berclair today with Sunday school classes, youth groups, Bible studies, music programs, and more. 

The same can be said about Second Presbyterian Church on Southern Avenue, another long-standing church whose congregation has served members since 1885 as well! This church focuses on outreach ministries to help those less fortunate in South Memphis through food pantries and other forms of assistance. The church also offers bible studies and prayer meetings every week. These are just two examples of how local churches can provide meaningful services for their communities beyond just providing weekly worship services. 

All this makes it clear why churches are so important to Berclair: they serve as places where people can come together to pray, share ideas, and discuss issues facing their city or state. In short, they’re integral parts of what makes Berclair such a thriving place today! With their utmost commitment to ensuring that no one is ever excluded, neglected, or forgotten within the continuously changing atmosphere of Memphis, members can count on spiritual guidance from its devoted religious leaders.


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