Chattanooga National Cemetery

When visiting in Chattanooga, TN, pay a heartfelt tribute to those who lost their lives during the Civil War. Chattanooga National Cemetery stands today as a major memorial site dedicated by Major General George Henry Thomas in 1867, honoring all of those brave soldiers whose last resting place lies there since the end of the war. The cemetery serves as an enduring reminder that we must never forget our fallen heroes and honor their legacy for generations to come.

Chattanooga National Cemetery is an awe-inspiring tribute to the men and women who served our nation. Set in a picturesque landscape of Cumberland Plateau, it stands as a solemn reminder honoring 44,000 veterans from wars past and present. Here you will also find monuments that bring history to life – one dedicated specifically to the courageous ‘Andrews’ Raiders’ of 1862. Step into these sacred grounds, take your time, and appreciate those who fought for freedom’s cause.

Originally selected by General Thomas during the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga National Cemetery lies at a strategic location surrounded to the east with views of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. First opened in 1863 as a graveyard for casualties from Battles at Chattanooga and Chickamauga – including almost 1,800 unknowns – it was later established as an official national cemetery four years later in 1867. Further burials were made that included those who had fallen along Sherman’s march toward Atlanta from Athens, Georgia, or Charleston, South Carolina, solidifying the site’s rich Civil War history.

Upon entering through its two main gates accessed off South Holtzclaw Avenue or other entrances on Bailey Avenue or Central Ave, visitors will see stone walls topped with short wrought-iron fences along northern boundaries and chain link fencing elsewhere. Atop the cemetery’s central hill is a flagpole surrounded by four seacoast artillery cannons memorializing those who served in battle. The Circle of Honor around this area also contains granite monuments dedicated to veterans’ organizations and military divisions alike – an elegant reminder of the sacrifice made then remembered forevermore today.

Chattanooga National Cemetery offers a tranquil respite in the midst of bustling city life. Strolling through its peaceful green lawns, visitors can discover monuments to US military personnel spanning centuries – from Civil War regiments up to modern service members. Perhaps most remarkable are two memorials that tower above others; the 1868 archway and Medal of Honor plaque commemorate bravery with an inspiring message for all who visit.

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