Chattanooga Zoo

Experience the diversity of wildlife from your own backyard! Take an unforgettable trip to the Chattanooga Zoo and meet animals you won’t find anywhere else. Marvel at giraffes, red pandas, spider monkeys, tortoises – all sorts of exotic mammals awaits discovery in this wild world just steps away. And daring explorers may even come across some reptilian surprises like snakes or alligators on their journey through jungles and deserts alike. Your family will never forget a day spent exploring among these amazing creatures so close by – plan your visit today.

The Chattanooga Zoo has been giving visitors a chance to explore the wild since 1937. Originally known as Warner Park Zoo, this 13-acre wildlife oasis is home to dozens of species from around the globe. From pumas and primates in their 4 by 6 feet enclosures, your journey through nature begins here.

Since its earliest days in 1900, Chattanooga, Tennessee has been home to a storied zoo. Colonel F.G Oxley’s generous donation of $500 established the city’s first public animal garden: Oxley Zoo. Despite financial constraints forcing it to close in 1911, the spirit of this original attraction remained alive, and today, visitors can explore what is now known as The Chattanooga Zoo – an AZA-accredited establishment full of rare creatures from across the globe.

Chattanooga Zoo is home to the world’s largest indoor red panda exhibit, a feat made even more impressive by its accredited AZA status as one of the smallest zoos. Visitors explore not only the Himalayan Passage but also witness snow leopards and Hanuman langurs – now replaced with Francois langurs- in their natural habitats while learning about animal conservation efforts. The zoo added another new inhabitant recently: A breeding pair of white-cheeked gibbons joined in 2019, having taken over after previous inhabitants left for greener pastures.

The Chattanooga Zoo provides an incredible wildlife experience that’s perfect for the whole family. Enjoy up-close encounters with a variety of animals, savor the beauty and subtle behaviors they provide, and explore exciting exhibits without breaking the bank. Strollers or little legs will make their way through this easily navigable zoological wonderland – providing educational fun that won’t be soon forgotten.

The Chattanooga Zoo is an extraordinary animal haven. From majestic jaguars to gentle camels and from rare reptiles to mischievous Chimpanzees, this incredible zoological experience offers over 500 animals representing 200+ species – including many endangered ones. Take a walk on the wild side as you make meaningful connections with some of nature’s unique creatures at one of America’s most cherished zoos.

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