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Companies That Buy Houses In TN

We Buy Houses Companies In TN

When selling your Tennessee house be sure to think through all your options. Is it best to list your house with an agent or sell to a cash buyer? They each have their pros and cons but it mostly depends on the condition of your property and what you’re goals are with the selling process.

If you decide to sell your property to an investor, knowing which cash home buyer to contact can be overwhelming. It seems like dozens of “We Buy Houses” signs pop up every night. (We don’t use those signs) So how do you choose the right one?

Why Sell To A TN Company That Buys Homes?

Working with a real estate agent may be great for homeowners who do not mind a long selling process and are looking to receive maximum dollar for their homes. Typically these properties are in top notch condition where finding a buyer is easy. That being said, selling to a company that buys houses in Tennessee has several big advantages depending on your situation.

We Buy Houses Companies Pay Cash For Fast Sales

Companies that pay cash for TN houses can usually close much faster than selling with an agent. These companies often pay in cash which allows them to complete the purchase much faster than someone using a bank to finance the purchase. Eliminating the reliance of bank financing also helps prevent any contingencies for financing that are common when selling your house on the open market.

Sell To A Cash Home Buying Company In TN With No Realtor Fees

Selling your TN house directly to a home buying company can get rid of realtor fees because there is usually no real estate agent involved in the selling process. Agent fees average around 6% of the sale price. Selling your house to a company that purchases houses can save you money by avoiding these fees.

Avoid Making Repairs and Sell Your House “As-Is”

Another great advantage of selling your house to a company that buys houses is that most of these companies will not require you to make any repairs to the property before selling. We are investors and expect most of the properties we purchase to need repairs. When selling your house the traditional way on the market, the buyer will usually order a home inspection. The buyer will then often negotiate with the seller to make repairs to the home. Selling your TN house directly to a cash for homes company can save you from having to make expensive repairs.

Companies That Buy Houses In TN Offer An Easier Sales Process

Selling your house in Tennessee with a real estate agent usually means lots of showings. If you live in the property, you will need to arrange times to leave so it will be available for to show prospective buyers. These can often be on short notice. Depending on the amount of interest in your house, you may have to do this dozens of times. Typically when selling directly to a company that buys houses there will only be the initial appointment. After that, an offer is made and a closing date set. If having an easier, simpler process is important to you, consider getting a cash offer from New Horizon.

How To Find The Right Company
To Buy Your House In TN

You have probably seen the signs that say “we buy houses” on every corner. Selling your house for cash is definitely popular right now. So how do you know which house buying companies are legitimate and reputable?

Read Company Reviews

Start by determining a company’s reputation through their customer reviews. Search the company name on Google and read their reviews. Are they good? How many do they have? Make sure you read through the reviews and get a feel for if they are genuine and real.

Check Out Company Websites

Building a good looking, credible website takes time and money. If the company is legit, they have a website. Browse around and check sections of the website such as the “about us” or “our company” pages. Are there photos of real people with biographies that accompany them? Does the website feel spammy? Another thing to consider is if the company is local or not.

Does the Company Have Social Media?

Social media profiles can give you a good idea if the cash for houses company is legit. Are there active posts from the company? Do they have photos of houses they have purchased in the past? Are the people on the website also in social media pictures? All these are good things to consider when looking at the social media accounts of a company that buys houses.

Tips When Selling Your TN House To A Company

  – Never pay for a cash offer on your house. These should ALWAYS be free.

  – Ask questions if there is something you don’t understand!

  – Always get everything in writing and sign a contract when doing business.

  – Always read through their contract, even if it looks professional.

Companies That Buy Houses For cash In Tennessee

We hope you found this article helpful in choosing the right company to sell your house. If you are in the Tennessee market, we are located in Chattanooga and would love the opportunity to buy your home. We strongly encourage you to look around and check out all of your options. Also, check out our website, including our “about us” page and “our company” page. We are real people, with great reviews.

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