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No trip to the beautiful city of Memphis is complete without a tour of Graceland, the iconic mansion formerly owned by Elvis Presley. Boasting more visitors annually than any location in America except for The White House itself, this historical estate contains some of music’s most cherished memories and offers an unparalleled experience that truly brings history alive.

Journey to the iconic Graceland mansion and explore its grand colonial-style architecture. With an interior that still radiates Elvis Presley’s essence, visitors can soak up all of the rich histories this legendary estate has in store.

 You’ll Explore one of the most beloved and iconic American landmarks, Graceland. From atop a grassy hill emerges an elegant, colonial-style mansion. Take in its grandeur as you embark on your journey through this revered structure – home to rock ‘n’ roll royalty.

Discover the living history of rock ‘n’ roll at Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Explore a variety of fascinating areas, such as bedrooms, basements, and billiard rooms that are filled with iconic memorabilia from the King himself! Take yourself on a journey through music-loving pop culture and relive some incredible moments in time.

Experience the enchanting beauty of Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate by exploring its splendid gardens, gaze in awe at vintage cars that caught his eye, and visit the iconic airplane named after his daughter. There will be plenty to discover.

Graceland is an iconic landmark linked to the life and legacy of Elvis Presley. As well as touring his house – where much remains unchanged since he lived there – visitors can also pay their respects at his final resting place on-site, a site that’s annually memorialized with fresh flowers and a candlelit vigil attended by people from all over the world in honor of this legendary music legend.

Graceland is a major attraction for fans of the King, Elvis Presley. With its rich history and significance to American music culture, Graceland makes it possible for visitors to experience the life that shaped the legendary singer in person. To enhance this unique opportunity even further, 1984 marked the return home of Lisa Marie jet and Hound Dog II JetStar planes which had been sold off previously by Mr. Presley’s father — offering onboard tours ever since. Taking things one step further was 1989 when The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum opened up at Graceland Plaza, providing an impressive collection of cars personally owned and used by Elvis himself throughout his lifetime.

Graceland is a must-see for anyone visiting Memphis, offering visitors an unforgettable glimpse of history and culture. With its iconic mansion, Graceland also provides guests with the opportunity to experience class in one of Tennessee’s most beautiful destinations. Make sure to add it as your top destination on any trip around this beautiful city.

Address: Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116.

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