Travel Back in Time With the Historic Homes of High Point Terrace

With its surrounding hamlets of Hedgemoor and The Village, the High Point Terrace Historic District encompasses a wide range of architectural styles, from traditional Victorian to Greek Revival. The majority of buildings date back to the early 1900s and are often credited with introducing refinement to the south Memphis area. Today, the neighborhood is full of inviting homes and picturesque gardens, winding sidewalks, and tree-lined streets. It’s also known for having some of the highest property values per square foot in Memphis. 

High Point gets its name from the railroad industry that used to run through it. The area served as a major hub during World War II when military personnel was moved by train through Memphis via the now defunct east-west rail line “High Point”. Although this line is no longer active today, it remains an integral part of the history of High Point Terrace today, serving as a reminder to visitors and locals alike of how far this neighborhood has come to become one of Memphis’ most treasured neighborhoods. 

The area is also home to several landmarks and notable places. East High School serves grades 9-12, and Presbyterian Day School is a Christian private school for boys. These institutions have been staples in the area for many years, attracting students from all over the city. Other landmarks include the High Point Terrace Shopping Center and golf courses such as High Point Country Club and Windyke Country Club.

One thing that makes High Point so attractive for residents is its convenient location near many popular attractions such as Overton Park Zoo, Bass Pro Pyramid at Pyramid Harbor, and Shelby Farms Nature Center & Park. All within a few miles of downtown Memphis! Commuting from here into town takes just minutes by car or bus, thanks to multiple access roads nearby, making it easy for residents to get around town quickly if needed. 

The neighbors take pride in their community too! Many volunteers dedicate their time to civic boards or help with local events such as neighborhood cleanups every spring or holiday lighting displays each winter. This creates a warm atmosphere within the community itself year-round! 

Beyond what it offers locally, though, this cozy enclave also provides access to world-class education with nearby schools perfect for any student looking for a great education without having to sacrifice living close to family or friends! 

High Point Terrace is one of the most delightful areas to live in Memphis, boasting a desirable location, historical significance, and an electric atmosphere. It’s no wonder why so many consider it home!

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