Memphis in May – Memphis, TN

A fun and flavorful adventure await each May in the city of Memphis. From tasty treats to toe-tapping tunes, this annual event promises a vibrant showcase of art, food & culture that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re a Tennessee native or just passing through nearby, don’t miss out on all that makes Memphis come alive during April’s festivities – it’s an escapade guaranteed not soon forgotten.

Every May, Memphis is teeming with activity; street vendors from around the world offer a variety of goods to shoppers and gamers. Music lovers will enjoy outdoor concerts featuring musicians who come from all over for this singular event. Chefs compete in an annual barbecue championship, while runners embark on a 5K marathon through the grounds, where they can witness other unique festivities that make Memphis’ yearly celebration truly special.

Memphis in May International Festival aims to showcase the city’s unique culture, boost economic opportunities and increase global awareness. This award-winning celebration provides an educational platform that enables a deeper understanding of Memphis’ heritage while contributing to its ongoing success.

Memphis in May is much more than a celebration of culture – it’s also an opportunity for growth. With its groundbreaking programs, from the Beale Street Music Festival to the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest and beyond, Memphis in May provides unparalleled educational experiences as well as economic advantages that benefit citizens citywide.

Memphis in May celebrates the beauty of Tennessee’s largest city and draws people from all over for two beloved events. Beale Street Music Festival returns to its home at Memphis Fairgrounds this year, while World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest will also be taking place there before finding its way back to Tom Lee Park this year – creating a whole new set of opportunities with plenty more smiles, music and flavorsome BBQ. Come together each springtime as we bring life back into downtown Memphis.

For decades, the Memphis in May International Festival has been a cornerstone of city life – providing access to memorable experiences on the banks of the Mississippi River. An event like no other, it supports economic growth and benefits locals by promoting tourism and encouraging diversity within our community. Time after time, this vibrant festival proves itself as one of Memphis’ largest consumer events, with an astounding $149 million impact annually.

Memphis in May is an adventurous month for tourists with a taste for Tennessee flair. From sauce wrestling and hog runs to pie-eating contests, the fun never stops – even if it gets messy. Prepare your suitcase and get set on planning your trip to Memphis during this exciting time of year – you’ll be sure to make unforgettable memories while enjoying all the unique activities available at this vibrant destination.

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