Missionary Ridge

Take a journey through Chattanooga‘s past and present with an excursion down Missionary Ridge. This winding highway provides spectacular natural views combined with historical importance, as the ridge was once home to the Battle of Missionary Ridge during the American Civil War. Explore tunnels and tight turns on your scenic drive for a truly memorable experience.

On November 25th, 1863, a force of over 50,000 Union soldiers launched an attack on the Confederate defenses along Missionary Ridge. Rallying from Rossville Gap to Tunnel Hill, their battle cry became louder and more determined until eventually they succeeded in driving back the Army of Tennessee with Chattanooga firmly under Union control – ultimately going down as one of most pivotal events for deciding America’s fate during its Civil War: “The death knell of the Confederacy.”

Missionary Ridge stands as an iconic reminder of the American Civil War, and it is home to a series of eight reservations and monuments that honor key areas of the Battle. Nestled in local residential neighborhoods along its crest laid with tablets and cannons, these markers are here for you – yet we kindly ask visitors to be respectful when approaching them on private property by seeking permission before entering or blocking any driveways. All park properties remain open daily from sunrise until sunset so all may appreciate this historic landmark.

Explore the history and natural beauty of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. Established to commemorate those who fought during the Civil War, this destination offers much more than a solemn reminder; visitors will also find plenty of recreational activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and paddling in West Chickamauga Creek – perfect for nature enthusiasts. With stunning landscapes set against an unforgettable backdrop of American military events, it’s no wonder why so many individuals choose to visit each year.

The Iowa Monument at Rossville Gap stands as a lasting reminder of the bravery and determination demonstrated by Iowan troops during the Battle of Missionary Ridge. Just three miles north of Chickamauga Battlefield, this monument is part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park – marking Union soldiers’ success in their attack against Confederate forces on the southern flank after having won Lookout Mountain just a day prior to arriving here. Despite enduring fierce fighting for several days, thousands of Iowans emerged victorious and celebrated with a grand review through Rossville Gap that will be remembered forevermore.

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