Experience the Neighborhood That Shaped Memphis’ Soul at Orange Mound

Orange Mound is a historic African American community located in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1890, the neighborhood was named after the Osage Orange fruit that grew on the grounds of the former John Deaderick Plantation. Today, US-born citizens make up more than 98% of the population, and it is home to approximately 14000 people. 

From its humble beginnings, Orange Mound was a point of pride for early twentieth-century Black Memphians. It was the first community in America established specifically by African Americans for their own use and has become known as “The Center of Black Culture & Arts”. This rich cultural history is reflected in many aspects of life within Orange Mound such as churches which have helped to develop community leaders and foster stability. Most of the good attributes of the neighborhood have been passed down from generation to generation. Music is also an integral part of the culture, with many prominent musicians hailing from the area. Rap stars such as Premro Smith and Marlon Jermain Goodwin emerge from its streets that were once lined with jazz clubs.

Despite its rich cultural identity, parts of Orange Mound have faced significant economic challenges over its 130-year history. Today, the area has recently seen remarkable improvement due to increased business investment, redevelopment initiatives, and other community support efforts. Along with leading local agencies driving change in Orange Mound, civic organizations are also amplifying these positive effects by helping to provide access to stable neighborhoods with resources for home ownership and employment opportunities. This increased focus on creating a healthy environment for social growth and economic development demonstrates that despite its history of hardship, Orange Mound is an evolving community with a bright future.

Ultimately though, it is important that these initiatives form part of a wider focus on preserving what makes Orange Mound so special. Its culture and heritage, which have been shaped for centuries by generations of African American families who call it home, are integral to the continued success of this community. If this can be achieved, then not only will it benefit current residents but also ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy all this fantastic corner of Memphis offers for themselves one day too! So, if you’re ever in town, don’t miss out on the chance to experience the neighborhood that shaped Memphis’ soul and experience the resilient spirit of Orange Mound.

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