Orpheum Theatre – Memphis, TN

Boasting a long and glorious history of entertainment, the Orpheum Theatre is a crown jewel in downtown Memphis. Since its opening over 90 years ago, it has become renowned as one of Tennessee’s most distinguished venues, offering locals and visitors alike an unforgettable performance experience.

Help continue the legend of The Orpheum for many years to come. Since 1928, this beloved venue has been a cornerstone in Memphis’ creative landscape; it’s where stories blend together, and ideas take flight. With your unique contribution today, you’ll be joining an incredible community that helps ensure its much-anticipated future remains bright.

From the latest in Broadway productions to riveting international jazz festivals, the Orpheum Theatre is a hub of world-class entertainment. Whether it’s an evening spent at one of its ballet performances or enjoying some unforgettable music, this historic theatre has something for everyone. Escape into a night filled with culture and fun – visit today.

During your next getaway, the Orpheum Theatre in town is sure to have something fitting for everyone. From musicals and plays to movies and concerts – there’s surely an experience waiting for you on their captivating schedule that will make this vacation one to remember.

The Orpheum Theatre is a hub of entertainment where you can be sure to find excellent performances. Its flexibility means that audiences never know what they’ll witness when stepping into the iconic venue – but one constant has been reported within its walls since the 1920s: The ghost of a little girl who likes to watch over all creative endeavors. Whether you hear it or not, her presence adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation during every show at this legendary theatre.

From all over the country, visitors flock to Memphis for one thing in particular – taking energy readings from the Orpheum Theatre. It’s not a cause for alarm, though; this friendly ghost is here with good vibes only! If you’re on the hunt for something unique and memorable during your trip to Memphis, then be sure to experience what lies within these historical walls: music, comedy acts, or even paranormal sightings may just make an appearance. One thing’s certain – when you pass through its door, expectations are high, but goosebumps are guaranteed at every visit.

Hosting the perfect event is easy, with 8 exciting rental spaces available at the Orpheum Theatre and Halloran Centre. With experienced managers on hand, their flexible facilities can be configured to create a memorable occasion that meets all your needs – whether you’re throwing an intimate reception or a large conference. To make sure everything runs smoothly throughout, choose from preferred caterers who are fully stocked in beverage bars while housekeeping staff cleans up after your guests depart. The additional catering kitchen offers plenty of space for any food preparation needed during larger events held at the Halloran Centre.

Address: 203 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103.

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