Ruby Falls

Discover a hidden wonder in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area! Nestled beneath Lookout Mountain and home to the tallest, deepest underground waterfall open to visitors, Ruby Falls is an awe-inspiring destination that simply cannot be missed. Come along for a journey of exploration into nature’s masterpiece – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with what lies below.

Leo Lambert’s accidental discovery of Ruby Falls in 1928 is a tale full of wonder and romance. Nestled within Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN, this breathtaking waterfall provided the perfect backdrop to Leo’s decision to name it after his beloved wife -Ruby. The iconic attraction was opened up for public admiration soon thereafter, making 1929 an eventful year indeed.

Ruby Falls offers an unforgettable experience to explore the wonders of Lookout Mountain. Venturing into underground caves, guests can take in awe-inspiring sights from atop Cumberland Plateau and soar through forests on thrilling zip lines. A trip here is a must for any adventurous spirit.

Ruby Falls is an adventure waiting within the rocky depths of Lookout Mountain. Strap in tight because a 260 ft elevator ride will take you to its thundering waters. Explore this marvel as it cascades and swirls through ancient rock formations only accessible by foot after your descent – bringing with it stories from underground unseen for generations past.

Experience the majestic Ruby Falls with a unique lantern tour. A personal guide will lead you by candlelight, providing an intimate look at this incredible natural wonder. For those seeking more than just visual amazement, their walking tours offer detailed historical context about these hallowed grounds – sure to leave lasting memories for anyone who visits.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone touring Ruby Falls by Lantern. You’ll experience the full beauty of the falls deep in Lookout Mountain and learn how Leo Lambert discovered it alongside his beloved wife, Ruby. Keep this romantic evening alive forevermore with a professional memento photo you can cherish always.

After taking in the majestic sights at Ruby Falls, head over to their Plaza and take it all a step further. From incredible viewpoints like Lookout Mountain Tower and Heron Overlook, you can feel on top of the world as you gaze across Cumberland Plateau. And when hunger or thirst takes hold, there is no need to worry – stop by Ruby Falls Castle for upmarket snacks, drinks, and souvenirs – and simply soak up more of that stunning scenery.

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