Southern Belle Riverboat

Experience Chattanooga from a unique perspective and discover the city’s rich history on board the Southern Belle Riverboat. This annual cruise along Tennessee’s majestic river draws over 100,000 visitors each year to take in gorgeous panoramic views of downtown’s skyline as well as other incredible sights. Embark on this timeless experience today and make lasting memories that will leave you wanting more.

Starting out as a small business in the Chattanooga, TN area, this beloved river cruise has grown to provide its guests with exquisite experiences that show off both beauty of the city’s waterfront and insight into what makes it so special. For over 20 years, The Southern Belle Riverboat crew have kept their original mission alive: to give guests exceptional service paired with unique memories they can treasure forever.

The Southern Belle Riverboat is the perfect choice for cruising fans looking to explore year-round! With over 100,000 passengers delighted each year with a selection of sightseeing, lunch, and dinner cruises plus private charters – it’s no surprise that this renowned company has expanded its operations. Boasting two vessels as well as the second-floor banquet hall and restaurant above deck, you can be sure that your time aboard will be both decadent and memorable.

Locals and visitors alike have experienced the joy of cruising down the TN River aboard Southern Belle. From sightseeing to lunch cruises, Chattanooga weddings, or dinner cruises with breathtaking views of Lookout Mountain – one thing is certain: no matter what adventure you take on board, it’s an unforgettable experience. And now, these same life-changing moments can be enjoyed in other cities across America too.

Treat yourself and a special someone to an unforgettable experience in Chattanooga. Take the Southern Belle Riverboat for a leisurely cruise beneath bridges, past Lookout Point, or opt for a romantic sunset ride. Unwind as you take in stunning waterfront views of Caldwell Hill at dusk and admire shimmering city lights along the riverfront. Spend quality time together making beautiful memories that will last forever – all from aboard this picturesque vessel.

Experience the Southern Belle like never before. With two decks accommodating up to 340 passengers for buffet meals and 375 guests for hor d’oeuvres, this 450-passenger vessel offers an unforgettable atmosphere in Chattanooga. Whether you head up to the fresh air promenade deck or hang out with the captain in his pilothouse, every detail will be attended to by our friendly group sales representatives when planning your next event – all that’s left is making memories on board.

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