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Sun Studio has been immortalized as the “Birthplace of Rock’n’roll,” and it is no wonder why. This recording location in Memphis, TN was a musical hotbed during 1950, renowned for introducing chart-topping legends such as Elvis Presley, B.B King, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash to an international stage – along with groundbreaking genres like Blues, Gospel and Country.

Through the hallowed halls of Sun Studio, visitors can experience a unique journey back in time through Memphis’ musical history. From early blues to rock ‘n roll and beyond, this iconic music venue has played an integral role in transforming Memphis into a global powerhouse for culture and sound – how electric.

Visitors to Sun Studio are taken back in time to the very same location where some of the biggest names in music history created their iconic tunes. Tour guides relay fascinating inside stories about Blues legends B.B King and Howlin’ Wolf, as well as rock & roll pioneers Ike Turner, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison – all drawn together by a unique sound that was synonymous with Memphis’s world-famous recording center: The ‘Sun Sound.’

Sun Studio was where musical legends blended blues and country music to create a revolutionary sound, evident in memorabilia left behind. Experience the momentous atmosphere that sparked an incredible musical movement – all through just one visit.

Step inside the iconic walls of Sun Studio and experience a journey through music history. Here, you can stand in spots where legendary musicians have once stood while listening to outtakes from their recording sessions, feeling the power behind each beat as if it was played just for you. Step into this musical time capsule and be among some truly unforgettable sounds that will stay with you forever.

Sun Studio invites you to explore its historic walls and experience the recording magic for yourself. Take a 45-minute guided tour during regular opening hours, from 10 am-6 pm daily. Adult tickets are $15 each; students can book in at just $13 per ticket, while children aged 5 – 11 get access for only $10. After daytime operations close down, rent out Sun Studio’s iconic rooms on an hourly basis starting at just $200/hour – perfect if your project needs that extra bit of studio polish.

Music lovers and history buffs will find delight in visiting Sun Studio, the birthplace of rock n’ roll. Situated in Memphis, Tennessee, it’s a must-see when getting to know this vibrant city – particularly with its part cast as among the top 10 places to visit within Memphis. After taking an audio tour around this renowned studio where music legends such as Johnny Cash have formerly graced their presence, why not explore deeper into other local sights, making sure you don’t miss out on Rock’ n’ Soul Museum, which is just a short shuttle bus ride away for further music exploration.

Address: 706 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103.

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