Tennessee Aquarium

Discover the beauty of aquatic life at one of America’s highest-rated aquariums. The Tennessee Aquarium, established in 1992, is a stunning facility full to brim with freshwater and saltwater displays housing numerous amazing species from all around. With its fascinating exhibits, you are sure to be captivated by majestic creatures wherever you look, so why not take a dive into the Chattanooga area today?

Go and explore the vibrant world beneath the surface at Tennessee Aquarium! Home to a captivating array of creatures, this aquatic wonderland is your key to an unforgettable adventure. Meet cute penguins and observe colorful fish while marveling in amazement as dazzling butterflies flutter around you – see it all for yourself today.

You can experience a world of wonders within the walls of the Tennessee Aquarium. In River Ocean Journey, visitors encounter friendly tortoises and otters as well as captivating catfish up close. Meanwhile, in Ocean Journey, you’ll find Penguins Rock for an unforgettable family fun excursion, plus beautiful butterfly gardens boasting enchanting winged critters to admire. Plus, don’t forget tropical coral reefs teeming with vibrant fish.

At the Tennessee Aquarium, you can explore a world of aquatic life from North America and around the globe. Journey through 13 different galleries to observe exotic species like giant octopuses or adorable sea turtles in their natural habitat. After your visit, head over to nearby Riverpark for an unforgettable picnic experience. It’s equipped with water play activities that little ones will love – splash away in wading pools while adults relax by the streams & river overlooks on those sunny days outside.

The Tennessee Aquarium invites visitors to experience and explore the incredible underwater world. Discover a variety of unique aquatic creatures, learn about their habitats, and find out ways that you can help conserve our natural resources. With interactive displays, educational programming & more – take an adventure today with this one-of-a-kind aquarium dedicated to connecting people with nature while empowering them on how they can make positive decisions for water & wildlife conservation.

Take an aquatic journey through Tennessee’s waters from mountain to sea. The Aquarium offers guests the chance to observe amazing wildlife up close, both near and far. From native species in our backyards all the way around the world – you won’t want to miss this experience of a lifetime.

The Tennessee Aquarium is a beacon of biological preservation in the Southeast. With elaborate exhibits celebrating its rich biodiversity and an active commitment to reviving endangered species through their research arm – The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute- they are doing amazing work for both wildlife & humanity appreciation alike. Their devoted focus on restoring freshwater ecosystems sheds light on how essential environmental well-being truly is.

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