Washington Hills: A Vibrant Neighborhood With Incredible Views

Washington Hills is the perfect spot for anyone wanting to experience the natural beauty of Chattanooga, TN. Located in the southeastern corner of Hamilton County, this residential area has been home to many families for several decades, with most residents remaining in the area for at least five years. Residents of Washington Hills enjoy all the amenities of city life while having the peace and quiet that comes from living in a suburban area. 

The neighborhood is full of holiday spirit during the festive season and features abundant wildlife. The locals often take part in walks together and exchange pleasantries with their friendly neighbors. Everyone can easily access their everyday necessities as the area is walkable to grocery stores. Additionally, there’s an abundance of nearby places worth exploring by visitors or those just looking for new activities. 

The Washington Hills Community Center serves as a great place for events and programs hosted by the local community. For example, they host a summer camp that encourages kids to develop important skills such as communication and teamwork while also teaching them new talents like playing instruments or creating artwork. In addition, there are three educational institutions located near Washington Hills such as:

  • Lakeside Academy
  • Harrison Elementary School
  • Brown Middle School
  • Central High School

All of these have been providing quality education since their opening and are highly appreciated by parents living in the area. 

Apart from these attractions, there are a few landmarks of spiritual significance around Washington Hills too. These are:

  • Jackson Temple Church of God in Christ
  • Trinity Baptist Church
  • Lake Vista United Methodist Church

These are some of the prominent places of worship near this neighborhood that have been serving the community for many years. The Varnell Cemetery and Stubblefield Family Cemetery offer peace to those who wish to remember their deceased loved ones here on earth. CFD Fire Station 7 stands tall just outside the perimeter as another reminder that safety comes first and that emergency services are available if needed.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, as Washington Hills is bound to give you something interesting to explore! You can even choose from various classes offered at different community centers throughout the year if you’re looking for further enrichment opportunities. All in all, Washington Hills is an excellent place to live that offers plenty of activities while still giving its inhabitants the warm feeling of being part of a peaceful community.


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