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How Do I Sell My House With Termite Damage in TN or GA?

For more information about what to do when you want to sell your home with termite damage, see our guide below.

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Selling Your TN Or GA House With Termite Damage

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If you are wanting to sell your house, you probably have a lot going on already. Finding an issue like termite damage, is probably the last thing you want to deal with. It can be extremely disheartening and overwhelming to learn of these issues. That being said, they do happen and it is important to know what you are up against when trying to sell your house with active termites or termite damage.

Does your house have termites, leaving you unable to fix it before selling? No worries! We buy houses in Tennessee & Georgia, even ones with termite damage. We buy 100% As-Is and won’t ask you to make any repairs! Lets take a look at what exactly you may be up against when selling your home in TN or GA with termite damage.

Why Are Termites a Problem When Selling Your Home?

Termites and why they are a problem when selling your home

Termites can be a huge and often unnoticed problem for homeowners . If left untreated, the destruction caused by termites can be costly and problematic, especially when trying to sell your house.

Termites are wood eating bugs that consume the “bones” of your house. They can be an issue in any home, but are usually worse in older homes where the support structures are made mostly of wood. There are many different kinds of termites, and the extent of the damage they can cause varies depending on what type you are dealing with.

Usually, termites travel in swarms as the weather warms, looking to start new colonies. This is when they are most destructive. They typically become less active during colder months.

The damage caused by these small but destructive pests can cause major structural problems to a home, even to the point of making it unsafe to inhabit. Selling your house with active termites or extensive termite damage can be very difficult.

Selling Your House on the Market With Termite Damage

If you are wanting to sell your house on the open market and find out you have termites or termite damage, the selling process just became a little more difficult and possibly a lot more expensive.

Termite inspections are a common part of the inspection process. Any infestation or damage will almost always be discovered, and it is something you need to disclose to potential buyers. This can scare off many potential buyers but all hope is not lost. Consider these steps:

1. Treat the Termites

This is not something you should do yourself. Because termites are hard to see and the colony is often times very hard to fully uncover, it is recommended to have a termite professional assess and treat your home for termites. The cost of this service can vary depending on where you live, the extent of the infestation, and the size of your house.

2. Fix The Termite Damage to Your House

This is where things can get expensive. Sure, you could do nothing and list your home on the open market. However, selling a house with a termite infestation and an unknown amount of damage is more than likely going to significantly decrease the amount of people interested in buying your home, not to mention drastically lower the price someone is willing to pay. The cost for these repairs can vary from hundreds of dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. It is more than likely the job for a trained professional.

3. Get a Warranty on The Work Done to Fix The Termite Damage

Once the termites have been treated and the repairs made, be sure to get a warranty. Many professionals in the termite remediation space offer warranties on the work completed. The coverage includes the cost of any repairs from new termite issues while the policy is still active. Providing this warranty to potential buyers during the selling process shows that the infestation has been removed, the structural issues have been fixed, and the work is guaranteed for the duration of the warranty. Once all this is taken care of, your odds of selling your house faster and for more money are greatly increased.

Sell Your House As-Is, Without Doing Any of The Above

This option is no doubt the easiest and fastest way to sell your house with an active termite infestation or extensive termite damage. New Horizon Home Buyers is a cash home buying company specializing in purchasing homes with all kinds of issues including active termite infestations. If you want to know how much we can pay for your house in cash, click here to Get Your Offer.

With New Horizon, you can sell your house fast without having to treat the termite infestation, fix any structural issues, or deal with wary buyers as you may encounter selling on the open market. Ultimately, you may be able to get more money for your house going through the process outlined above. It’s just going to take a lot of time and money up front to get it done. The benefit to selling to New Horizon is that it’s Fast & Easy. We take care of all the difficult issues so you don’t have to.

We Buy Houses With Termites in Tennessee & Georgia

New Horizon Home Buyers is a local home buying company in TN & GA. We buy houses 100% As-Is in Cash. We can buy your Tennessee house (even with the termites) and handle all the hard work so you don’t have to. If you are dealing with termites and want to sell your house in Tennessee or Georgia, get your No Obligation All Cash Offer today.

Our selling process is 100% free. Even if you are unsure of what you want to do, I encourage you to reach out for a free offer on your house. You have nothing to lose

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