Whitehaven: Redefining Community Living in Memphis

Whitehaven is a predominantly African-American neighborhood in South Memphis, Tennessee. Established in the closing decades of the 19th century, this community is presently home to more than 50,000 individuals inhabiting an area measuring 47 square kilometers. Its main street is US Highway 51, which was renamed Elvis Presley Boulevard in honor of one of the town’s most famous residents. 

The community was named after Colonel Francis White, an early pioneer who owned much of the land around it. Today, Whitehaven stands out as a destination for locals and tourists alike due to its rich culture, great attractions, and proximity to many other popular Memphis sites. Likewise, its residential streets are lined with beautifully maintained homes of various styles and sizes with manicured lawns and gardens. The residents of Whitehaven take pride in their surroundings, helping to create a unique atmosphere that has made this community an increasingly popular place to live.

One of the most renowned attractions around Whitehaven is Graceland, the former residence of Elvis Presley that now features museums showcasing his famous cars and clothes, as well as a plaza with souvenir shops. This makes it a must-visit site for any fan of The King or anyone interested in learning more about this influential musician’s life and legacy. 

For those looking for shopping options, there’s Southland Mall which was built in 1968 and became the city’s first enclosed mall. In addition to being home to many well-known stores, Southland Mall also offers several restaurants perfect for grabbing lunch or dinner after a long day of shopping. You’ll also have access to plenty of options for entertainment with Whitehaven’s many parks and sports complexes that offer a number of activities for the whole family.

Finally, David Carnes Park serves as a great place for families or those looking to spend time outdoors enjoying nature. With its splash pad, playground, walking paths, fitness equipment, and pavilions, it provides plenty of activities suitable for all ages. Furthermore, it hosts several events throughout the year, such as concerts and food festivals making it an even more inviting place to visit when you’re in town! 

All things considered, Whitehaven should be on your list if you are visiting Memphis anytime soon! With so much history behind it combined with great sights like Graceland and many other places worth exploring, like Southland Mall or David Carnes Park, you won’t regret exploring what this neighborhood has to offer!

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