Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

Marvel at the beauty of Chattanooga, TN from high above with a ride on America’s Most Amazing Mile. Lookout Mountain Incline Railway offers an unforgettable journey that will provide you with unparalleled views. Experience nature like never before as you climb up for stunning lookout points unlike any other around.

Step aboard the Lookout Mountain Railway and prepare for an adventure! Take in breathtaking views of Chattanooga Valley, the Tennessee River, and the Appalachian Mountains as you ascend toward Lookout Mountain Station. Along with majestic sights of nature along your journey’s path – St Elmo Historic District provides a glimpse into our country’s past, creating memories that will last forever.

With Rock City and Ruby Falls mere minutes away from St. Elmo, a trip to Chattanooga can be full of all sorts of adventure. From exploring dazzling rock formations in the mountain station’s gardens to touring waterfalls lit up by LED lights, there is no shortage of fun activities for you and your family. After taking in some sights or having lunch at Point Park while enjoying breathtaking views, don’t forget to stop off at the gift shop on your way back home – pick up some fudge or ice cream cones as an added bonus delight.

For 125 years, the Incline Railway has held a special place in history. Along with its roaring two million visitors each year, Lookout Mountain’s railway witnesses some of America’s most significant tales—from civil war battles to intense rivalries and grand hotels claimed by time. Today it remains an unforgettable attraction that brings travelers from near and far together for one unique journey through centuries-old memories.

Experience the breathtaking views that come with riding The Incline Railway. This one-mile-long historic railway offers a chance to journey on an old-fashioned system featuring counterbalanced trains, allowing passengers to get up close and personal with some of Chattanooga’s most spectacular vistas. Make sure you don’t miss this unique excursion – your heart will be filled for miles afterward.

The Incline Railway offers riders an innovative way to experience steep grades and ascend high elevations. Funicular railways, of which the Incline is one, solve this problem by pulling two trains up a track connected by cables. Steel wheels are used for guidance rather than traction on these tracks due to counterbalancing between cars; specifically, using the weight of one car helps pull another when they come close together, creating what’s called a “passing loop.” This same system can be found in funiculars around World- making it easy for you to enjoy your adventure anytime.

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